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"Teo, Heather, and Fernando are traveling to Ecuador to finish a design on a chocolate factory for Kallari, thanks to a grant from Architecture for Humanity and the support of RATIO and RAYae."

More work, Time crunch!

The good and bad news is that RATIO Architect's has been keeping Teo and I really busy on projects. The semi-good news is that we recently decided that the "old" design fits quite nicely onto the new site. We have been developing designs for the eco-tourism lodges that are now a part of the program with our newest teammate - Rene Martinez.

The great fantastic news is that Kallari and Judy Logback have been busy promoting the fanstic work of the cooperative, and were recently featured on NBC National News - see it here!

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

As soon as we get the design built, we hope to be on the National News showing off the entirely owned and operated Kallari factory.

My time seems to be opening up in the next few weeks, so look for more updates on the design!


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