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"Teo, Heather, and Fernando are traveling to Ecuador to finish a design on a chocolate factory for Kallari, thanks to a grant from Architecture for Humanity and the support of RATIO and RAYae."

Dippidy Dip…

Today we had a very unique experience as Diego (The Kallari leader) brought us to the indigenous Kichwa museum called ‘Museo Rio Iloqulin’ but in order to get there we had to walk across a long suspension foot bridge with magnificent views of the Napo River and track along a narrow path for about 15 minutes to the museum. There we were educated with the way of life of the indigenous tribes from their day to day utensils, weaponry, animal traps to mystical plants for rituals…all in all a great introduction to the history and culture of the tribes in the Amazon. We then took a dip in the river with crystal clear water...definitely the best dip ever in a hot and humid day…Then we headed back to the town of Tena and had a casual dinner then a drink at a local bar where we talked regarding the strategies to go forward with the design of the Kallari Chocolate factory…The leaders are very appreciative of the effort and professionalism that we have shown and in our mind that we are doing this for the good of the Kallari communities and No regrets!!…for what we have done and what we will be doing in the upcoming weeks…volunteering in the weekends after work for this effort….
We will be heading back to Quito tomorrow at 7am and visiting the site for the last time …..but that’s not the highlight….but attending Oswaldo’s friend private party…the Theme ….’The Pirate”….which we have no costumes…so what Mee Leng and I were thinking to get a few teabags for our eye patch…just joking…but we will definitely have a good time tomorrow….by the way his friend also happens to own an Inca observation post along a trading route … archeological site where they have found a giant pot with human remains in it ….an Inca burial ….so we will see ……

-Teo and Mee Leng -

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