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"Teo, Heather, and Fernando are traveling to Ecuador to finish a design on a chocolate factory for Kallari, thanks to a grant from Architecture for Humanity and the support of RATIO and RAYae."

Arrival! Finally!

We have arrived! Teo, Meeleng, and I arrived at the airport last night to a sea of humanity...I really can't imagine what we would have done if I didn't seen Fernando's smiling face looking for me. I think I know how the Beatles felt everytime they got off a plane or out of a car, that's how many people were there. Fernando says that whenever someone comes home in latin america, the entire family has to come to greet them at the airport. We all piled into Oswaldo's car (shhhh, there were 7 of us in a 6 passenger car) and he took us the hotel. We then felt the need to go out for some Pilsener (Ecuadorian beer), and we got to know each thing was clear, Oswaldo and Veronica are fantastic people. Fernando and I were woken up in the morning by some crazies singing at the top of their lungs at 600am in the breakfast room...yes, in the morning, as in 5 hours after we got to bed. I just started to laugh, because, really, how absurd...We decided to get up and walk the city for a bit, came back and had breakfast with the whole crew...and then we were off to be tourist for the entire day....Quito is fantastic...we straddled the Equator...had a typical meal....and then at 600pm started our work! We met for about 3 hours regarding the project, our roles, Kallari, and whatever else seemed to come up. We will be heading to Tena tomorrow, with a quick visit to the site and then meetings with the heads of Kallari in the afternoon. I'm going to try to get some good sleep tonight...we have to be at breakfast at 730am, maybe we'll do the singing for the hotel in the morning.

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