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"Teo, Heather, and Fernando are traveling to Ecuador to finish a design on a chocolate factory for Kallari, thanks to a grant from Architecture for Humanity and the support of RATIO and RAYae."

Volcano eruption in Quito…

It is so strange that I just received a call from Oswaldo telling us that the Tungurahua volcano in Quito erupted this morning…and authorities closed the airport because of the ashes from the eruption. We were at Otovalo this morning but fortunately the airport is back in service and will not affect our flight back to Indianapolis on Wednesday…crossing my fingers!

We started the morning with a meeting with Veronica and talked briefly about her endeavor of starting an AFH chapter in I shared with her briefly on how I got the Indianapolis chapter started and with our meeting we think that it will be a great idea to be able to link our chapter here in Indy with Ecuador’s chapter…so for more information about further development …please visit the Indy AFH chapter website as I will be updating the progress on the website soon …our first international collaboration will be for Annie’s project here in Ecuador (if you are wondering who is Annie..I will be posting her story on how she got started and why she is helping the community for the project soon in the AFH website)

We then headed out to Otovalo and maaannn!… a very beautiful place…with incredible scenic route and unique market scene….we also met with Annie and talked some specifics on what she and the community needs ….its a very touching story and I commend her for her humanitarian efforts.

While driving back to Quito and looking out of the window…the scenery inspired and reminded me of the word of wisdom from the Kallari leaders ….‘Pachamama’ or ‘Mother Earth’ in Kichwa language….thanks to Diego, the Kallari main leader. The new implemented design of the Chocolate factory will not only reflect the identity and mission of the Kallari group representing the indigenous people here but also finding its roots to reflect the wisdom of its culture….Viva Pachamama!

Before heading back to the Hostel we were invited for an interview for a radio station here in Ecuador...the team were all very excited and will soon post some images...thanks to Mee leng for documenting the process….

so that’s it for tonight and we will be heading to Salina...a 6-7 hour drive from Quito to visit a chocolate production factory….so I would need to go to bed now….as it is almost 12 am …..have to wake up around 6am …..

-Teo and Mee leng -

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